Monday, June 21, 2010

Really? REALLY!?!

Do you suffer from (blank)? Feel (blank) lately? Or do you (blank) too much and have trouble (blank, blank and blank) at night? If you are otherwise healthy, 18-49 years old, m/f and also are a non-smoker with no history of stroke, VD and not currently pregnant you can participate in a (blank) University Hospital research study. You will be given free treatment and meds and only need to commit to 4 days a week monitored overnights for two months. In the past we paid handsomely for making you our trusting test subject, but now only re-imburasble carfare is available in spite of our 200 million dollar endowment from (blank) (bailed out by the Government) Financial Services Company. Call 617-big-scam (cell phone of a student with no liability) right away to start!

If you have read an ad like this today you were likely on the Redline subway train in Boston.

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