Tuesday, February 8, 2011


She glistens in the nighttime sky.
Naked, beautiful, brilliant and deadly.
Silvery black like blood,
under the pale of the moon.
Venomous and fearing neither Hunter
nor scorpions sting.
Intimidatress, undisputed.
The Serpent bearer is coming for you.
No force majeur may hold her back.
Stellar events raze the bleak nothingness.
While unbreakable spectroscopic codes
are embedded in her sacred DNA.
Celestial syzygy connects us all.
The cosmic ladder spirals endless still.
Uncovering the basic truth we fear most.
What we desire is occulted by evil lies,
and the permanent collapse of intellect.
Everlasting logic and reason
will be crippled for eons to come.
Neutronicum corpore pulcher.
Teneas exanimis ad eam.

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