Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Next to Thanksgiving, Halloween has always been my favorite time of the year. I celebrate the entire month long in some form or another. Decorating the house, watching horror movies, costume parties, various parades, haunted houses and of course candy too.

Halloween in the hood was a bit of a mixed bag for a me growing up as a kid. My family always decorated the house. My mom made individual candy bags to give out. For a costume I often wore a homemade get up, like being a clown or a cat. One year I got a “fancy” Spider-Man costume from Woolworth's. Oh those suffocating plastic masks with strangulating rubber bands and costumes made of sweaty plastic. My costume was torture, but I was so happy. Growing up in the “Summer of Sam” my dad had to take us around for candy. Older kids would go “bag snatching” “egg bombing” or other forms of mischief to terrorize little ones.

Halloween also means horror films! I grew up on the classic Universal Monster movies, from there it was the Hammer Dracula movies and finally slasher films. The 1980s brought me THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, FRIDAY THE 13TH, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, HALLOWEEN and the Steven King novel films. As a teen, inspired by my favorite Vincent Price role I went to a party as “The Red Death” from MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH. A simple red hoodie and red face paint is all I needed. Sadly, nobody understood what I was since it was so obscure.   

I will surely hang out with my friends on October 31st, put on a costume and help take their kids Trick or Treating. Last year I had just seen ALICE COOPER in concert, so my costume was a homage to him. This year I will be either Beetlejuice or a member of KISS as suggested by my friend, 7 year-old Kennedy Mae O’Neil.

I swear I am ALICE COOPER damnit! Sigh. 

Here are some cool Halloween themed events around the Boston area worth checking out!

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