Saturday, June 11, 2011


I can't control it.
Blinding rage.
Speaking to me from within.
A spark in the darkness of chaos.
Irrepressible emotional noise.
One way to own it.
You are the thing I must possess.
I covet what is inside.
I wish I could forget.
What has been done.
Just like the rest.
Shunned by society.
It makes no difference now.
Watching your every move.
Biding my time.
Nothing is chance.
Guided by fate.
Others will do in the meantime.
Placeholder replicants.
Disposable clones.
I consume them like breathing.
The hunt is just a game to me.
Proof of my superior intellect.
I am the most cunning warrior.
While you are less than nothing.
Until it's time to strike.
Briefest moment possible.
You will  be special to me.
Be patient and take my time.
You will go quietly.
I will take a trophy.
To honor and remember this.
And you will not know peace.
Even as you beg for it.
Just a means to an end.
What I do is feed the beast.
To keep it at bay.
To satiate the hunger.
But you already knew that.
Too late.

You are witness to a great and powerful becoming...

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